The Good News

We did it! 307 pubs visited, a beer in each and we lived to tell the tale.

“Pubs of Tasmania: In Search of the Holy Grail.”

Pubs of Tasmania: In Search of the Holy Grail

7500 kilometres and 307 drinks later we have distilled this book for you.


  1. All Tasmania’s currently licensed Taverns and Hotels. Includes colour photos and details of trading hours, facilities, beer on tap, history and our assessments.
  2. History of the evolution of pubs in Tasmania over the last 200 years including information on licensing law, vineyards from 1788, breweries from 1818, distilleries from 1822, smoking and gaming, women in pubs, effects of technology and transport, architecture, temperance movements, six o’clock swill, .05 etc.
  3. And more, the wit and wisdom of the ages concerning pubs and drinking from A.D. 32 to Willie Simpson’s ‘Life’s too short to drink light beer’ [2004]
  4. And still more. Our favourites for the Holy Grail - the perfect pub, pub trivia and the future of pubs.

So there you have it, the past, present and future of pubs in Tasmania, the complete guide. So be informed, be entertained and join us in this exciting journey.


We have a print run of 2,000 books only and already advance orders have been strong.

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Always remember: the slab is soon gone, but a good book is always on tap.
In search of the Holy Grail