"From the wild gin-soaked colonial days to today's best, this is the remarkable, exhaustively-researched story of the people, the scandals, scams and successes of that Tasmanian institution — the pub. This is an evocative and thirst-provoking read, illustrated by wonderful photographs and including a comprehensive guide to today's establishments so you can follow in the authors' footsteps — if you have the stamina. If not, simply enjoy the read with a well-chilled ale in hand."
— Graeme Phillips, author of Eat, Drink, Tasmania and columnist for The Mercury

"A thoroughly-researched publication that includes the location, and a half-page profile with photo, of all the State's 307 licensed hotels and taverns. Written by drinking mates Howard Smith and Steve Hyde, former Rotherhythe trophy-winning vigneron and winemaker, this 300 page Tassie pub bible includes a marvellous social history — from a pub perspective — from 1804 to today. Plus the mandatory wit and wisdom that is part of pub lore. Don't go drinking without it"
— Phil Laing, author of Tasmanian Wines

"Practice makes perfect. That's clearly the methodology that Steve Hyde and Howard Smith used in compiling this scholarly tome. Scholarly? Well, it certainly contains as much fact as it does fun and fancy. The authors' own anecdotal evidence is underpinned by an impressive amount of statistical analysis and archival research. And one suspects that they put as much effort into judging the quality of the beers, lagers and ales presently on offer in Australia's Treasure Isle."
— Mark Smith, wine writer and columnist for The Examiner, Tas. 42 degrees South, etc.
In search of the Holy Grail